Family Stories
  • Mar 3, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 58:27 mins

Stories featured in this episode: Barbara McBride-Smith Stories 1-3: "The Button Box," "A Cowboy Was on the Lid" and "Daddy's Overall Buttons" Teller: Barbara McBride-Smith Site: Notes:  A mother's button collection still holds a family's stories together. Mary Grace Ketner Story 4: Chien Nang Teller: Mary Grace Ketner Site: Notes: A story about family, love, and being in two places at once. Jane Stenson Story 5: Brink Teller: Jane Stenson Site: Notes: Jane shares stories about her great-grandfather, who participated in many of the great, historic events that shaped the American West. Barbara McBride-Smith Story 6-9: "Button from Ireland," "Mama Passes on the Box" and "Troubles with Adam" Teller: Barbara McBride-Smith Site: Notes: More stories from Barbara's album "The Button Box: Stories about Mama."