Fan Theories
  • Mar 10, 2019
  • 52:50 mins
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I've got a theory. What if this whole episode of Screen Cleaning is part of a bigger conspiracy to get fans to make up conspiracy theories. Today Jeff, Cole, and Mickey share some of their favorite fan theories to think about when the movie has ended. We'll break out the yarn and bulletin boards to connect a young boy looking into a snowglobe in the series finale of St. Elsewhere to which cigarettes they smoked on Breaking Bad. Or maybe explore what Mary Poppins has in common with Doctor Who AND Harry Potter. We'll even ask the right questions about why we theorize in the first place and what role creators and authors play in the process. Outside the web of conspiracy we bring you the best in entertainment news including a review of Captain Marvel and Pan to find the Good in a theory about the Beatles that could lead to a new film or even checking out an old one. Do you believe, here on Screen Cleaning.

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