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Ranking College Athletes, Metabolism, Outgoing Introvert

The Matt Townsend Show
  • May 5, 2016 4:00 pm
  • 2:20:15

Ranking College Athletes (18:18) Zach Knowlton recent BYU graduate in Statistics. In the world of sport’s predictions, there is no, “sure thing.” Brackets are busted and bets are lost, all in the name of upsets. But what if you had a way of knowing how well a player is going to perform throughout the season? Joining us today in the studio, is Zach Knowlton. Zach and his team at BYU developed a statistical model, rating athlete performance as a way to better guide coaches weekly decisions. Zach shares more about his statistical master-play and just how important the numbers off the field are.  Firing Up Your Metabolism (1:01:38) Claudia Norris is a Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach. She is an experienced public speaker and has spoken to CEOs and Senior Managers at London Business School. She Blogs for The Huffington Post and Mum on the Rock. She has written for the National Childbirth Trust and various local papers and magazines. When is the the best time to eat and the role of metabolism in losing and keeping that weight off. Claudia Norris explains. Coaches Corner - How to Reach Out (1:25:18) Dr. Matt Townsend discuss the situation where it may be hard to connect with an individual. Maybe a person doesn't laugh at your jokes or fails to show emotion when you talk with them This is not a reason to dismiss them and give up on connecting. You may have to reach out to learn on a more personal level. Dr. Townsend explains. Signs You're an Outgoing Introvert (1:47:20) Jenn Granneman, founder of the largest community and blog for introverts and highly sensitive people on the web- says, “Introversion and extroversion are not black and white.” She joins us today to discuss a category of people she likes to call “ambiverts.” Jenn Granneman explains what an Outgoing Introvert is and how