Everyday Rockstar, Butter Sculpting, Creation Museum, Sleep Training, Working Out Too Much, Teen Addiction

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 557

  • Sep 30, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:45:24 mins

Everyday Rockstar (0:00:00) Lisa and Richie talk with this week’s Everyday Rockstar. You can nominate yourself or someone you know to be featured on the show by sending us an email at thelisashow@byu.edu. Butter Sculpting (0:06:53) What is the best thing you’ve made using butter? (\*Lisa and Richie, discuss this!) Most of you would probably say cookies, a grilled cheese, or a yummy butter pasta. But if you’ve ever been to the Minnesota State Fair, you would see butter creations that put your sugar cookies to shame. Every year at the fair in August, butter artists create self-portraits for the winners of the Minnesota Dairy Princess Program, using 90-pound blocks of butter as their canvases. Joining us on the show today is the famed butter sculptor Linda Christensen. She’s here to discuss her history with butter sculpting and its use as an art medium. Creation Museum (0:25:22) For many people, the Bible can be confusing and hard to understand. For some, the accounts told in its ancient pages seem distant and removed from the world today. And for others, despite wanting to know more about the book, they don’t know where to start or how to make sense of the writing. Well a museum out in Petersburg, Kentucky—called the Creation Museum—has set out to bring the Bible to life through its exhibitions in order to instruct and inspire its guests. Here to tell us all about it is Roger Patterson, from the museum. Sleep Training Kids (0:39:14) The routine goes something like this: you coerce your child into their pajamas and into brushing their teeth, you’ve read their favorite book (twice), made up a new bedtime story for them, and then spent the next 20 minutes letting your arm fall asleep in the hopes that the child curled up on it will too. Finally, you gingerly extricate your arm, tiptoe out, and get cozy in your own bed only to have your child walk in and announce that they can’t sleep. This is a cycle that you rinse and repeat nightly. So how can we effectively sleep train both our littlest kids and our toddlers? Here to this question and discuss effective techniques for sleep training is Fellow at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg. She is the author of "Becoming Your Child's Sleep Coach: The Bedtime Doctors 5-Step Guide, Ages 3-10" Working Out Too Much (1:12:49) Working out, no matter who you are, is vital for staying physically healthy. For some, working out is a chore that would rather be avoided, but for others it can be an addictive and healthy way to pass time. Working out is tricky though, because doing too little can be unhealthy but too much can also be bad for your body. How is one to find the perfect balance? Here with us today is physical trainer Monique Eagle to help us find the perfect balance of working out. Teen Addiction (1:27:09) As many of you know, here at The Lisa Show, we try our best to broach important conversations. Sadly, some of the most important conversations we should be having are emotionally difficult or have stigmas surrounding them. Today, in an effort to break stigmas and open up helpful discussions, we’ve invited Susan Burrowes on the show. Susan is the author of “Off the Rails: One Family’s Journey Through Teen Addiction,” in which she shares her experience as the mother of teenager dealing with addictions. And she is here to discuss ways to find hope and healing for families with teen addiction.