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Diaper Bank, Aging is Empowering, Questions to Heal, Spam Calls, The Sox Place, Slay Like a Mother

The Lisa Show
  • Mar 24, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:41:11

Utah Diaper Bank (0:00:00) You’ve heard of blood banks and commercial banks, but have you ever heard of diaper banks? Now, these aren’t the kind of banks where you can deposit your old diapers to collect interest. Actually, these banks are doing quite a bit of good for new and growing families struggling to afford diapers, one of the biggest financial costs that new parents face. Diaper banks collect and distribute diapers to those who need them most. We wanted to learn more about how these banks are serving families so we invited Vic Velivis, executive director of Utah Diaper Bank, on the show to discuss his work and why it’s so important for the community. Aging is Empowering (0:12:16) Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “hm… this outfit really is too young for me?” or “gosh, I look a thousand years old!” I do this all the time! Our culture truly has a negative perspective on ageing, but the life expectancy has never been longer than it is now! So, because all of us are getting older, how can we learn to stop feeling like getting older is the end of the world? With us today to answer this question is Carl Honoré, a bestselling author and broadcaster, and the unintentional godfather of the Slow Movement. Questions to Heal, Laugh and Love (0:34:57) After a couple years of knowing our significant other, it can start to feel like we know every single thing about them. We know exactly what they’re going to say and what stories they’re going to share. But, it’s important to remember that people, no matter how long we’ve known them, have an infinite depth, and we really don’t know everything about them. So how can we dig a little deeper in our conversations to peel back a few more of their layers and keep things interesting? To help us answer that question we invited Alicia Muñoz, a couple’s specialist and author of several books full of simple ideas and questions that can enliven and heal any relationship. Spam Calls (0:50:35) It seems like we are receiving more spam calls than actual calls from friends or coworkers these days. I’ve received calls about receiving free hotel stays, winning the lottery, and even calls where no one is on the other line! But not all calls are so innocent. Scammers have convinced people all across the country that they are in trouble with the IRS. Is there any way to stop these calls before they come through your phone? Or is this just the life we live? We’ve invited tech expert and former editor in chief of Techwalla Dave Johnson on the show to help us breakdown how to identify and stop receiving spam calls. The Sox Place (1:07:39) There are around 4.2 million homeless youth and young adults currently in the US. To help these kids, a father and son duo (Doyle and Jordan Robinson) started handing out socks to the homeless at the 16thStreet Mall in downtown Denver. In 2002, their acts of kindness evolved into the creation of The Sox Place, an organization that helps homeless children by providing them with food and shelter, among other services, in Denver, Colorado. Here to explain how The Sox Place is helping change lives is volunteer for The Sox Place, advocate for the homeless and cognitive behavioral therapist, Michelle Szynskie. Slay Like a Mother (1:24:02) Being a mom is no easy task. We often feel like we have to be an expert at everything we do... work, childcare, interior design, and school mentoring among many others. Some days you feel like superwoman and the next you might feel like the world is crumbling at your feet. During our worst moments, it can be easy to compare ourselves to other mothers, but it’s important to kick the negativity to the curb and remember that we’re doing an amazing job no matter what! Here to talk about how moms can overcome that recurring self-doubt is Katherine Wintsch. Katherine is the founder of The Mom Complex and author of the new book “Slay Like a Mother”.