We're All in this Together: US Saves Soviet Union, Global Water Systems (originally aired on March 19, 2020)

Constant Wonder - Radio Archive, Episode 547

  • Jul 3, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

The Largest Humanitarian Operation That You Never Heard Of Guest: Douglas Smith, award-winning historian, translator, and author, "The Russian Job: The Forgotten Story of How America Saved the Soviet Union from Ruin" One of the largest humanitarian operations in history has been almost completely forgotten, maybe because neither side wanted to admit they worked with the other. Douglas Smith writes about how American aid during the Russian famine of 1921 saved the Soviet Union from collapse. The Scientists Who Solved the Global Water Cycle: The History of Global Water Systems Guest: Sarah Dry, author, "Waters of the World: The Story of the Scientists Who Unraveled the Mysteries of Our Oceans, Atmosphere, and Ice Sheets and Made the Planet Whole" The way in which the global water cycle works, and the way in which it changes and effects global climate, has only begun to be understood in recent years, thanks to a complicated cast of excellent scientists.