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Improving Vocab, Family Dinner, Changing Workouts, Types of Comedy, Corona Parties, Weekend Review

The Lisa Show
  • Aug 21, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:45:31

Improving Vocabulary (0:00:00) Here’s a question for you: would you rather stay at a luxurious wooded lodge overlooking the glassy waters of the Sakakawea, or at a hotel in rural North Dakota? Whatever you answered, your choice was probably a result of context and especially the use of the right vocabulary words. The words we choose can have a big impact on our audience. And while personal vocabulary is something almost everyone claims they’d like to improve, most often they have a hard time getting around to it. So how do we break out of our vocabulary rut and make our diction prodigious? Today we’re joined by freelance copywriter Devin Gleeson, here with us to talk about improving your vocabulary and how your words can take you a long way. Bringing Your Family to the Table (0:19:55) In the past 20 years, the frequency of family dinners has dropped by 33 percent. You’re busy; your children are busy. There’s just no time to sit down and have a meal together. But, what’s the big deal, right? Wrong. Family dinners are essential in developing deeper relationships with your family members. They can also give you time to rest from your busy schedule. There are so many benefits that we don’t even think of. Here to discuss how we can have effective family meals is Catherine McCord co-founder of a meal prep service called One Potato and the founder of Weelicious. Changing Your Fitness Routine (0:36:30) It’s one of the hard and fast facts of nature—we all get older. We all get a little shorter, a little more wrinkled, and a little weaker. It’s important that as our bodies and their capabilities change, that we also change out fitness routines to match. What works for us when we’re 20 is not going to work the same when we’re40, 50, or60. Here to discuss with us how we can adapt our fitness routines as we age to keep us strong and mobile is Professor Emeritus of Spine Biomechanics at Waterloo university, author, and founder of Backfitpro Inc., Dr. Stuart McGill. Different Kinds of Comedy (0:52:46) While we all love comedy—not every kind of comedy is for everyone. Everyone has their own unique brand of humor. What might be hilarious to one person, may go right over someone else’s head. And while we tend to think about comedy in modern terms, it’s actually an ancient art--and over generations, many different kinds have emerged. Here to tell us a little bit more about different kinds of comedy and why we find them funny is our friend and media expert Lee Shackleford! Coronavirus Parties (1:11:28) Have you heard of Coronavirus parties? Well in some areas of the country, young people are throwing parties where they invite someone with the virus over to infect the other guests. And, whoever catches COVID first gets a payout. This behavior is leaving many people wondering, why? Why would someone want to do this when hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from the virus? To answer this question and more, we’ve invited clinical and medical psychologist Dr. Anthony Napoleon onto the show. Weekend Review (1:27:26) Lisa and Richie talk about what there is to do this weekend, from the newest shows on streaming services to the New York Times bestseller list.