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Melatonin and Glimpse Inside the NICU

Episode: Melatonin and Glimpse Inside the NICU

  • Jun 29, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 15:31 mins

We’re always in search of the next best thing to help us sleep –whether it’s a new mattress, better pajamas, a different night-time routine –everyone’s just looking for a good night’s rest. And recently, melatonin has become more and more common as a household sleep-aid. When a supplement like this is being promoted as all-natural and non-habit forming, it’s hard to ignore the appeal. But what does melatonin really do, and is it right for you? Today, we have Dr. Weston Spencer here to join us. Dr. Spencer is a reoccurring guest on our show, and gave us the ins and the outs of vitamin supplements. But now he’s back to talk about just this one –and offer us some insight into how to best use it.