What's Ruining Your Free Time

What's Ruining Your Free Time

The Lisa Show

Entrepreneurship and First-time Gardening

Episode: Entrepreneurship and First-time Gardening

  • Mar 4, 2021 1:00 pm
  • 14:50 mins

These days it feels like we’re busier than ever. We’re juggling being our kid’s tutors, working from home where everything takes twice the amount of time, being the full-time chef and maid, and maybe getting in a few minutes of exercise—leisure time sounds like a distant dream from the pre-COVID era. When we do manage to steal 30 minutes or an hour here and there for ourselves, we want to make sure we maximize it. But it always feels like something keeps popping up during our precious hour of me time. Here to talk to us about what might be ruining our free time and how to avoid the trap of time confetti is social psychologist and Harvard Business School assistant professor, Dr. Ashley Whillians.