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Explaining Anything, Worst Tech of the Decade, Nice Girls Don't, Memories, Mini Book Club, Be Different

The Lisa Show
  • Jan 30, 2020
  • 01:41:15

Explain Anything to Anyone (0:00:00) I love telling people about things I’m passionate about... like theater and books and parenting, because I want people to love these things as much as I do. But sometimes, people just don’t care, because they can’t relate. They don’t understand how hard it is to memorize lines, they haven’t read the same books, or they’re not a parent. But the way we explain our favorite topics could help others not only grasp them but also recognize how cool they are. Our next guest has had to explain concepts much more complicated than books. Former physicist Dr. Dominic Walliman joins us today to discuss how to explain anything to anyone. Worst Tech of the Decade (0:17:01) In the last ten years, technology has changed a bunch. Can you believe that in 2010 we still used cell phones with those sliding keyboards, and the latest iPhone was only the iPhone 4? Crazy. In the last several years we’ve seen the advent of self-driving cars, drones, and wireless headphones. While cool new tech seems to be coming out all the time, there’s also been plenty of tech flops. Today we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on some of the worst tech from the last decade. Joining us is Rod Gustafson, a tech expert, former producer, and friend of the show. Nice Girls Don't (0:35:13) Despite the progress we’ve made over the years, women’s careers still tend to be complicated. Why is this? And how can we, as a whole, move towards equality in all aspects? Today we have Dr. Lois Frankel, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling “Nice Girls Don’t” business books, renowned career coach and women’s advocate, to share tools women can use to feel valued, as well as what we can all do to teach our daughters to be heard.  Memories (0:50:38) Sam Payne, master storyteller and host of BYU Radio's The Apple Seed, talks with Lisa and Richie about the value of memories and what we can do to cherish the ones that mean the most to us. Mini Book Club: Feel Good Books (1:04:03) Rachel Wadham, of BYU Radio's Worlds Awaiting, chats with Lisa and Richie about the best books to read when you're looking to be uplifted. Be Different (1:25:40) Most businesses are the same. The typical full-time employee spends 45 hours on the clock each week. A lack of trust among peers is all too common today. And too often businesses are focused on how they can improve the organization rather than the individuals who work for them. But the truth is, if you want to succeed, whether in business or your career or life, being different makes all the difference. But what exactly needs to change for us to succeed? Here to tell us what we can do to succeed in our jobs, careers, and the workplace, is Stan Silverman. Stan Silverman is the former president and chief executive officer of PQ Corporation and the author of the book "BE DIFFERENT! The Key To Business And Career Success." Show More...

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