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Future of Start-Up's, Speak Like Trump, The Leader You Can Be

The Matt Townsend Show
  • May 20, 2016
  • 02:21:19

Future of Start-up's (16:36) Troy D'Ambrosio is the Executive Director of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. He is an Assistant Dean at the David Eccles School of Business. The University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is currently constructing studios that will offer students a unique dorm experience. The studios will allow 400 students the opportunity to live and exchange information with other entrepreneur hopefuls 24 hours a day. Students have the chance to test their own ideas, enter competitions, and be mentored by faculty members. Todd D’Ambrosio explains his program and how the institute will help promote entrepreneurship.  How to Speak Like Trump (40:18) If you’ve been paying attention to the campaign at all, you know that Donald Trump is a ‘very, very rich man,” not to mention he’s ‘very smart,’ and has a lot of friends. So how does he do it?   One of our producers, Liana Tan, discovered some of Trump’s secrets and is going to tell us all how we can talk like Donald Trump.  All the Leader You Can Be (1:01:35) Suzanne Bates is an American business consultant and executive coach based in Wellesley, Massachusetts who is regarded as an authority on executive communication. She wrote two books on business communications which were described as bestsellers. Whether you’re taking on a new executive position, facing new and exciting challenges, trying to build a better and stronger team, or developing new emerging leaders within your organization, Bates’ book “All the Leader You Can Be” can help you achieve extraordinary executive presence. Suzanne Bates explains. Parent Previews - Angry Birds (1:49:25) Rod Gustafson from Parent Previews joins the show to review the new movie Angry Birds Meet the Producers - Hoarding (1:56:12) Student Producers Caitlin Thomas and Liana Tan teach Dr. Matt Townsend about hoarding the the concept of being a pack rat. Show More...

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