Jambalaya Twenty-Eight

The Apple Seed
  • Oct 8, 2014 6:00 pm

Stories and songs included in this episode: Mike Agranoff Song 1: Long Road to Walk Artist: Mike Agranoff Site: Notes: An original folktale about pushing forward. Jenni Cargill-Strong Story 1: The Blue Coat Teller: Jenni Cargill-Strong Site: Notes: A boy's beloved blanket becomes a treasured family story. Joe Herrington Story 2: Bronco Twisters Prayer Teller: Joe Herrington Site: Notes: A beautiful piece of cowboy poetry set to the tune of "Amazing Grace." Richard Martin Story 3: The Wounded Selkie Teller: Richard Martin Site: Notes: A fisherman hates the mythical seal people of Scottland. David Holt Song 2: Blackeyed Susie Teller: David Holt Site: Notes:  A fiddle tune about falling in love. The Apple Seed Story 4: Meandering Melon Teller: Donna Ingham Site: Notes: A tall-tale about Donna's father's garden. Willy Claflin Story 5: The Mermoose of Muskadunk Lake Teller: Willy Claflin Site: Notes: Maynard Moose shares a scary story.