Haunted Attractions
  • Oct 19, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 57:33 mins
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We've been getting into the Halloween spirit with horror movies and TV so far this month, but what about the other harvest time activities for families? The young kids might want to visit a pumpkin patch or maize maze. Teenagers love haunted houses and hayrides. And the whole family might enjoy some suspense theater. Producer Mickey visited some of these haunted attractions, and brought a recorder too. Now we all can visit these Halloween haunts from the comfort (and safety) of home. Jeff also interviews the owner of Castle of Chaos in Salt Lake City and gives a couple more scary movie reviews. Don't forget next week is our big Halloween Movie Bracket episode. You can enter to win a free Audible code by picking your winners, taking a picture of the whole bracket, and sending it to our email at screencleaning@byu.edu. The bracket can be found at https://brackify.com/bracket/22849/Scary-Movies-on-Screen-Cleaning.  Good luck!