• Feb 12, 2020 2:00 am
  • 54:51 mins

Who do you think you are becoming? Who would you like to become? Today on The Apple Seed, we invite you to reflect on stories of progress, change, and the ever-expanding horizon. Enjoy stories from Noa Baum, Geraldine Buckley, Bil Lepp, and Anne Rutherford.  On today's episode enjoy the following: Radio Family Journal: Becoming The Daily Mix: Jeff Simpson discusses “1865” “The Blue Remove” by Anne Rutherford (10:58) “The Night That Changed Everything” by Geraldine Buckley (8:07) “The Correctional Academy” by Geraldine Buckley (6:59)  “How I Became a Storyteller” by Noa Baum (4:54)