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Everyday Rockstar, FootGolf, Misunderstanding Risk, Lemonade Stands, Social Distance Disagreements, Kids First Aid

The Lisa Show
  • Jul 1, 2020
  • 01:45:33

Everyday Rockstar (0:00:00) Lisa and Richie talk with this week's featured Everyday Rockstar. You or someone you know could be featured next! Send your Everyday Rockstar nominations to FootGolf (0:19:22) For those of you who have golfed before, have you ever felt the urge to give your golf ball a good kick? Well, we have just the sport for you! Foot Golf is a new sport that combines soccer with golf. It puts you on a golf course, takes away the golf clubs and balls, and replaces them with an easily kickable soccer ball. Are you intrigued yet? With it being one of the newer sports in the United States, we wanted to go to the officials of Foot Golf to find out what could be America’s next favorite pastime. Today we’re joined by Laura Balestrini, the president and CEO of the American FootGolf League, here with us to discuss the rise of foot golf and its future in America. The Risks of Misunderstanding Risk (0:33:59) Do you sometimes feel like you live in an exponentially dangerous and scary world? In the news we find the statistics on shark attacks, deadly diseases, and homicides in our cities. It can be tough to lead a normal, care free life when we’re confronted with percentages and graphs of terrible things happening around us, things (they say) that could happen to us. But how worried should we be about the risks we read about? To help us understand the difference between absolute and relative risks we’re talking to Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer. He’s the Director of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy and author of the book, “Risk Savvy: How to Make Good Decisions”. Lemonade Stands (0:58:37) Lemonade stands are one of the most popular start-up businesses... for kids at least. We see them pop up all over neighborhoods during the summer, and they’re usually a highlight of childhood. There’s nothing better than making a big batch of terrible lemonade, coloring a cardboard sign, and making a little money of your own. Now, as grown-ups, we want our kids to have the same experience. So how can we help them be successful in their lemonade stand endeavors? Here to share her insights with us is CEO Kid founder, Leah Remillet. Social Distance Disagreements (1:14:14) Remember when you and your significant other would argue over which restaurant to go to or whether you should go bowling or swing dancing? With different businesses around the country opening up, arguments between couples have changed from where they should go to whether they should go out at all. Just like any conflict, this needs to be resolved somehow, but with health, safety, and so much else on the line, how can that even happen? To help us with this issue, we’ve invited Communication Expert and Certified Life Coach, Kwesha Neal onto the show today. With her specialization in communication in relationships, we thought she would be the perfect person to talk to. Teaching First Aid to Kids (1:27:03) Heaven forbid anything happens to our kids when we aren’t present, but all parents know that accidents happen. And when they do occur, our greatest wish is for those around to know how to help. But if there isn’t anyone around, what are our kids to do? As parents, the best thing we can do to prepare our kids for accidents and emergencies is to teach them first aid, so they can be the ones to help themselves, or someone else, when the inevitable happens. To share with us how we can best teach our kids first aid, we invited pediatrician Dr. Mona Amin on the show. Show More...

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