"Gravity" (1:39)
  • May 20, 2015 2:00 pm
  • 3:45 mins

What do muppet drum sets, The White House, and barbecue pork sandwiches have in common? Tyrone Wells! This chart-topping singer/songwriter is currently on national tour with his new album "Roll With It."  Tyrone Wells' albums have topped iTunes charts and he's played not only all over the US but also in Europe and Australia, with plans to tour in Brazil next.  After singing lead for a Christian rock band in college, Tyrone focused his attentions on a solo career and acoustic songwriting and signed a record deal with Universal Records. 10 albums later, he plays to packed houses all the way from Annapolis, Maryland to Anaheim, California.  Listen as our host Steven Kapp Perry chats with Tyrone about fatherhood, devoted scooter-riding fans, and the power of music to touch hearts.  Songs Featured: "Gravity," "The One I Love," "Running Around In My Dreams," "Sea Breeze," "More."