Fathers Day 2021 with the Apple Seed

The Apple Seed
  • Jun 19, 2021
  • 56:50

It’s time for the Apple Seed, filled with stories for you and your family. And often, the show is filled with folk tales and fairy tales, tales of imagination and wonder. And today’s stories will be filled with wonder, too, we promise. But they’ll all be true. We’re going to spend an hour with some of our favorite storytellers, each of them telling stories about dads. Some of them have dads that they’re anxious to talk about, and some of them are dads themselves, and they’ll give you some insight into what it’s like to not only have a dad, but to be one. On today's episode, you'll enjoy: "To Everything There is a Season" by Syd Lieberman from LiebermanLive (1:35) "The West Indies" by Donna Washington from Growing Up Army (12:51) "Dennis Zwang's Saxophone Prayer" by Sam Payne (26:19) "Independence" by Dolores Hydock from In-laws and Outlaws: Family Stories (41:17) "Little Red", a recording of Donna Washington's dad from Growing Up Army (49:25)