• Jun 19, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 57:58 mins

Transformations of the heart, body, and mind. Stories included in this episode: Joseph Bruchac Story: Gluskabe and the Water Monster Teller:  David Holt Site: Notes: An Abenaki tale in which Gluskabe tries to help mankind. Octavia Sexton Story: How Jack Came to America Teller:  Octavia Sexton Site: Notes: Wit and luck always land Jack on his feet. Dan Keding Story: The Beast Teller:  Dan Keding Site: Notes: "I was a prince in name only..." Norah Dooley Song: The Stonecutter Teller:  Norah Dooley Site: Notes: A Japanese folktale told all around the globe. Kate Corkery Story: The Tailor & the Hare Woman Teller:  Kate Corkery Site: Notes: They say that the first of May is a very special date... Richard Martin Story: The Wounded Selkie Teller:  Richard Martin Site: Notes: There once was a man who hated selkie.