The Blue Remove
  • Nov 11, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

From the time we are born, everything is finite. There is a beginning and an end. The sun rises and inevitably, it sets. Years come and go. Happy moments have an end, and even the sad ones will pass. So what happens with life? We are born, and eventually, we die. But does death represent the end? Or do we persist in some way? There are many beliefs regarding what might lay in store for us once our mortal bodies close their eyes for the last time. Naturally, it can be scary to face death. It can be terribly sad when someone we care for has to move on. But perhaps we can find some solace in the idea that infinity exists. The expanse of the universe doesn’t have an end. The number pi goes on forever. The possibilities of where life can take us are endless. So, amidst all of these infinities, we can take up hope that endings are not permanent. The sun does rise again, and there will be more happy moments. After we pass through this life, our loved ones might be waiting for us, as Anne Rutherford says, in The Blue Remove.