Secrets Don't Make Friends
  • Mar 8, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 55:57 mins

Literature is chalk full of stories about characters who have a secret that they keep from others. Some characters lead a secret life—think Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Buffy Summers, the Count of Monte Cristo. Why is it we keep secrets? We may find something too embarrassing, revealing, exciting, or horrifying to tell other people, except, perhaps, a few trusted individuals. Here at the Apple Seed, we’re talking about times we’ve kept secrets—our own and others’—successfully or unsuccessfully. Secrets don't make friends but they can certainly make stories. Cat and Tiger by Glenda Bonin (1:36) Tiger is embarrassed because Cat is a much better hunter than he is, so he asks Cat to teach him a couple of his tricks. Learn more about Glenda Bonin by visiting: The King with Horse's Ears by Liz Weir (9:19) A snobby prince kicks one of his father’s horses and is cursed by a witch with horse’s ears. He hides the ears for years by wearing his crown, with only the barber knowing his secret, but as the years go by the barber can't sustain the pressure of that secret anymore so he finds someone to tell. Learn more about Liz Weir by visiting: Stars by Susan Reed (18:00) Megan sees a shooting star and makes a wish and when it ends up coming true she does all she can to keep the result to herself. Learn more about Susan Reed by visiting: Note Passing by Robin Schulte (37:09) Robin moves to Kansas to live with her aunt and uncle and makes friends with a group of gossipy girls who always pass notes to each other in school. Learn more about Robin Schulte by visiting:

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