Ep 70. Geraldine Buckley, Storyteller

In Good Faith - Season 4, Episode 7

  • Aug 30, 2020 6:00 am
  • 32:38 mins

British-born Geraldine Buckley is known nationally and even internationally as a professional storyteller who is quite open about her faith in her stories, including her tales of being the Chaplain in the largest men's prison in Maryland. In this interview she talks about how the Lord can make his desires become our own, how she's kept track of the ways God has come through on his promises, and about her own Damascus Road experience. First aired Sunday, September 15, 2019 (Pictured, Geraldine Buckley performing in Studio 6 at BYU Radio) See her poem for the prisoners below. Geraldine Buckley, Storyteller Do Not Think by Geraldine Buckley Do not think I have forgotten you, though you dwell in this desolate place Though cold and gloom encircle you and despair has pushed out grace The plans I have for you hold true, though all around has changed. Though your hopes and dreams are smashed, destroyed, your future rearranged. For there is destiny upon your life, I have not changed my mind. Your name is scribed upon my palm. You will not be left behind. My training grounds are mine to choose, this one's austere, no light. but from this stark, dank valley you'll arise to fight my fight. I have called you to the nations, my plans are still in place This darkness will turn into dawn. Let me hold you. Seek my face.