Tax Cuts, Entrepreneur's Manifesto, Reenter the Workforce

The Matt Townsend Show

  • Oct 26, 2017 4:00 pm
  • 2:25:16

Do tax cuts stimulate the economy more than spending? (21:34) Dale O. Cloninger is a Professor Emeritus of Economics & Finance at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. While campaigning President Trump promised to boost the economy by both cutting taxes and investing more in infrastructure. Currently, the focus seems to be on tax cuts with the new tax reform plan announced in September and, in the meantime, infrastructure investment remains on the back-burner. But do tax cuts stimulate the economy more than spending? Where should we be focusing our attention? Economist Dale Cloninger explains this complicated subject. Entrepreneur's Manifesto (1:07:44) Steve Mariotti is an author of 35 books and is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post. His newest book is “An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto.” In the past, Mariotti worked as a treasury analyst for Ford Motor Company and ran seven businesses by the age of 21. The “American Dream” is all about being able to achieve anything that you set your mind to. Is this dream still alive? Recent data shares that 13.5% of Americans live in poverty. Our guest today, Steve Mariotti, decided he wanted to change this statistic by becoming a high school teacher and teach entrepreneurship to kids who live in poverty. Steve Mariotti shares about why everyone should develop entrepreneurship skills.   Liana Tan - Flat Tire (1:35:11) Producer Liana Tan went on a trip recently and found herself with a flat tire. She shares her experience in changing the tire and discusses why people tend to stop to help girls over boys. How to Reenter the Workforce (1:53:30) Jeanette Bennett is founder and editor-in-chief at Bennett Communications, where she primarily focuses on Utah Valley Magazine, BusinessQ Magazine, and Prosper Magazine. Jeanette earned a bachelor's and master's degree in journalism from BYU and has been a regular guest on HuffPostLive. Sometimes people step away from a job because of health issues, family emergencies, or other personal issues. Jeanette Bennett shares her thoughts on the challenges of reentering the workplace after a break.