• Mar 1, 2018 7:00 am
  • 55:02 mins

Have you ever heard of an earworm? They’re more common than you think. The Nigun by Karen Golden (1:21) A man trades away his entire sabbath meal for a nigun (a wordless tune, symbolizes the mysteries of God), and he’s all the better for it. Learn more about Karen Golden, who has won both NAPPA Gold and Storytelling World Honor awards, by visiting: Little Freddy and His Whistle by Willy Claflin (10:18) A young man is gifted the power to influence people through song. Learn more about Willy Claflin, who plays multiple intstruments and has several music albums in addition to his storytelling repetoire, by visiting: I Love to Whistle by Andy Offutt Irwin (23:03) Andy demonstrates his whistling skill. Learn more about Andy Offutt Irwin, who won the 2017 National Parenting Product Awards, by visiting: Zanzibar by Bill Harley (27:48) “It’s a story about homework...actually, it’s a story about Zanzibar.” Learn more about Bill Harley, a Grammy Award winner, by visiting:

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