Teen Challenges

Teen Challenges

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Raising Teenagers and the Last Blockbuster

Episode: Raising Teenagers and the Last Blockbuster

  • Dec 31, 2020 1:00 pm
  • 18:58 mins

The rise in social media use has led some teens to go to extreme lengths to gain popularity. A popular method of gaining followers is to do trending social media challenges. These challenges range from silly tricks (like the water bottle challenge, where teens had to try and flip a water bottle and get it to land right-side up), to downright dangerous dares. In 2018 a viral challenge called the “Tide-Pod Challenge” encouraged teens to videotape themselves biting down on highly toxic Tide-Pods. In one year nearly 220 teens were hospitalized in one year because of this challenge. So what is it about these virtual challenges that appeal to teens? Why are they willing to forgo all common sense to get a few more followers? Here to discuss with us the addictive nature of teen challenges is child psychologist, Dr. Nicole Beurkens.