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Parent Previews: Minions, Self/Less

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Jul 13, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 10:33

Guest: Rod Gustafson,  The little yellow tic-tac-shaped characters from the Despicable Me animated films showed everyone up over the weekend with the second-biggest animated film opening of all time. And they did it without speaking a word of English. But their goofy antics apparently make up for their gibberish. The movie is prequel to the Despicable Me story line and has them on the hunt for a suitable villain to serve.  Another film out over the weekend was Self/Less starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley. Billionaire industrialist Damian Hale is master of his universe, until he encounters a foe that he can't defeat: cancer. His only hope is a radical medical procedure called "shedding," in which his consciousness is transferred to a healthy body.