Jambalaya Nine
  • Mar 12, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 57:20 mins

Stories included in this episode: Brian Story 1: The White Deer Teller: Brian "Fox" Ellis Site: www.foxtalesint.com Notes: A clever man is given a single wish by a mystical dear. Leeny Del Seamonds Story 2: Señor Coyote y Señor Zorro Teller: Leeny Del Seamonds Site: www.leenydelseamonds.com Notes: Two trickster figures, Coyote and Fox, square off in the desert.  Richard Martin Story 3: Death in the Nut Teller: Richard Martin Site: www.tellatale.eu Notes: A story about life, death, and what keeps both in check. Joseph Bruchac Story 4: Turtle's Race With Bear Teller: Joseph Bruchac Site: www.josephbruchac.com Notes: Brains go further than brawn in this traditional tale about a forest footrace. Motoko Story 5: The Death Grip Teller: Motoko Site: www.motoko.folktales.net Notes: A deceased woman haunts her dishonorable husband’s new bride.