Weirdness of Dreams

Weirdness of Dreams

The Lisa Show

Interfaith Council and Women in Politics

Episode: Interfaith Council and Women in Politics

  • Jul 13, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 17:01 mins

Most of us dream –and during the last year, our dreams may have gotten a little weirder for some reason. *Lisa and Richie, did you experience any particularly weird “Pandemic Dreams”, or have a weird dream you’d like to share?* That being said, scientists have always had a hard time pinning down exactly why we dream the way we do, weirdness included. But a new hypothesis is starting to emerge, arguing that we the weirdness of dreams might by WHY we have them.Onthe show today we have neuroscientist Erik Hoel here to tell us about his new research and just why our dreams might be so weird.