How the Pandemic Hurt Teens
  • Jun 28, 2021 10:00 am
  • 18:10 mins

Being in isolation for so long due to the pandemic had its negative effects on everyone. But like most things, the impact on teenagers was worse. A lack of social interaction can cause multiple health illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and these are even more exacerbated at a young age. And those aren’t the only negative side effects. Some research is even suggesting it has negative effects on our physical health, with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease being possible outcomes. But now that the pandemic is just about over, and we are moving back into a social world, how can we make sure that there are no long-lasting negative effects residing in our children? Today we are talking with Aditi Subramaniam, a neuroscience PhD turned science writer. She enjoys writing about the neuroscience of everyday life, and its practical implications for parenting.