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The Poverty Industry, Kids and Gender Stereotypes, Tarzan

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Jul 1, 2016
  • 02:20:53
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The Poverty Industry (16:12) Daniel Hatcher is a professor of law at the University of Baltimore.  He previously served as the assistant director of advocacy for public benefits and economic stability with the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau. He is the author of “The Poverty Industry: The Exploitation of America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens.”One thing that sets America apart from many other countries is its safety-net programs. America has a lot of programs meant to help out poor and vulnerable citizens like foster care and Medicaid. But what happens when those institutions start abusing the privileges the government gives them to help others?  Daniel Hatcher, suggests that some of these safety-net programs could be using federal money for themselves instead of using that money to help the poor and vulnerable.  Coaches Corner - Scope Creep (42:44) When you have a project with a targeted goal and the scope of the project grows beyond the intended goal that is called scope creep. This happens with government programs intended to help the poor and needy in our communities. Dr. Matt Townsend with some comments. Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue (1:01:50) Dr. Christia  Brown, is an Associate Professor of Developmental Psychologist at the University of Kentucky. She is the author of Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue: Raising Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes. Studies on gender and child development show that, on average, parents talk less to baby boys and are less likely to use numbers when speaking to little girls. Without meaning to, we constantly color-code children, segregating them by gender, based on their presumed interests. Our social dependence on these norms has far-reaching effects, such as leading girls to dislike math or increasing aggression in boys. Dr. Brown explains how to parent beyond Pink & Blue. Why are beards popular? (1:28:24) We are stationed here at BYU where we have a unique policy where men need to be clean-shaven at all times which might seem strange to other college-aged kids because beards actually seem to be really trendy now like the hipster or lumberjack look. Some of the employees here even found a scale that rated the trustworthiness of beards- from full beard being the most trustworthy to the hitler stache being the least and anything from goatee, soul patch, or werewolf in between. So we sent out our producer, Liana Tan, to figure out what all the hype about beards is. Parent Previews - Legend of Tarzan (1:49:18) Rod Gustafson from Parent Previews joins the show to review the new movie The Legend of Tarzan Show More...

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