Earth Day, Vice Presidents, Obesity, Civil War

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 48

  • Apr 22, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 1:40:49 mins

Earth Day (1:11) Guest: Brigham Daniels, professor of environmental and natural resources law in BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School Today is the 45th Earth Day—held every year on April 22nd since 1970 as a day of action and education on the environment. What impact has it had over the decades? Is the environment any better off today as a result of Earth Day? BYU environmental law professor Brigham Daniels has been looking into the birth of the environmental movement. American Vice Presidents (16:46) Guest: Jules Witcover, an American journalist, author, and columnist From John Adams to Joseph Biden, the political influence of an American Vice President has changed throughout the last 40 years. A government position that was once powerless has since moved to the very core of the executive branch and today as we approach a new year of presidential candidates, the decision to choose a good running mate is essential to a future President’s success. Flame Retardants and Obesity (37:29) Guest: Maria Bondesson, research assistant professor of biology and biochemistry at the University of Houston By now we know that gaining weight could be caused by your diet, your metabolism, your genetics, your lifestyle, the bacteria in your gut and toxins you may have been exposed to as a child. Go ahead and add your favorite electronics to the list, as well. Scientists at the University of Houston’s Center for Nuclear Receptions and Cell signaling have found a chemical commonly used to keep cell phones, TVs and tablets from overheating led to chubbiness in zebra fish. American Heritage: Civil War (48:52) Guest: Grant Madsen, BYU history professor Time now for our weekly segment focusing on “Our American Heritage.” We get insights from BYU history professor Grant Madsen, who is currently teaching an introductory American History course. Each week features a new topic and a deeper understanding of how our nation was founded. Emotional Fit Between Patient and Doctor (1:12:02) Guest: Tamara Sims, postdoctoral fellow in psychology at Stanford and lead author of the study on emotions and shaping patient health behavior Last time you visited the doctor, did he or she tell you to do something you weren’t all that thrilled to hear? So much of the doctor-patient relationship is based on advice –eat healthier, exercise daily, stop smoking, get more sleep.  And we’re good at only hearing what we want to hear, aren’t we? Some new work being done by the Culture and Emotion Lab at Stanford University points to one way of making patients more receptive to their doctors’ advice. It has to do with the emotional fit between doctor and patient. Taliban in Afghanistan (1:28:41) Guest: Zahir Tanin, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations The New York Times today is reporting “a wave of kidnappings followed by numerous beheadings of a minority ethnic group in Afghanistan known as 'Hazaras'.” The violence was carried out by the Taliban and though beheading is not normally a Taliban tactic, observers say this incident may be a bid for some of the attention ISIS is getting for its own extreme brutality.

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