Elvis and Anansi
  • Jan 5, 2019 2:00 am
  • 57:13 mins

We’re going to get around a bit today, spending some time with an Ananzi story from Bobby Norfolk, and a story from Poland about a beautiful girl who marries a Melamed – a teacher, a tutor really, of children – named Moshe. With those stories, we’re going to take you on a trip that will show you worlds that are, perhaps, far away from your own, in the way that folk tales can. But we’re going to begin with a story that may bring back some memories: a personal tale by storyteller Kim Weitkamp, talking about her parents. You’ll meet “the good living room,” (if you’re of a certain generation, you may have had one of those), and you’ll meet the family stereo console, with its built-in record player. If you’re of a certain generation, you may know just the console. If not, don’t worry. She’ll explain everything.