Dancing with the Stars
  • May 5, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

It’s the Apple Seed! We’re so excited for the lineup of stories we’re bringing you today; it’s going to be a good one. We’ll start with Lani Peterson’s “Dancing with the Stars” a story of starlit nights and childlike wonder. You’ll hear the hilarious story of Catherine Conant’s Uncle Louis and how good luck followed him for all of his life, right up to the moment he died. You’ll hear about Anansi and Turtle from Priscilla Howe, two friends who know just how to push each other’s buttons. And finally you’ll hear Kevin Kling reminisce about a childhood experience with fear and how he carried that with him into adulthood. All stories of wonder, humor, and heart - you won’t want to miss any of it here on the Apple Seed! On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Dancing with the Stars” by Lani Peterson from Stories Within (2:56) Radio Family Journal: "Sketchbook" by Sam Payne (17:40) Daily Mix: "99% Invisible" with Stewart Foster (22:43) “Uncle Louis” by Catherine Conant from Timp 2017 (32:29) “Fear” by Kevin Kling from A Fool’s Paradise (48:58)