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COVID-19 Vaccine, Long-Term Unemployment, The Office

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Aug 19, 2020 8:00 pm
  • 1:44:29

A Vaccine for COVID-19 - What's the Status? (0:29) Guest: Paul Offit, Director of The Vaccine Education Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Member of the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee Russia announced last week that it’s registered the world’s first vaccine for COVID-19. Dozens of potential vaccines under development in the US and Europe are still many months from approval–only a few have entered the all-important phase of testing where the vaccine is given to humans who are monitored to see how well they do if they catch COVID-19. Playing Board Games During the Pandemic (20:18) Guest: Erik Arneson, Board Game Enthusiast, Author, “How to Host a Game Night” Sales of board games have surged during the pandemic. Erik Arneson has been writing about board games for 20 years – and playing them a lot longer than that. How Long Can Americans Go Unemployed? (38:50) Guest: David Rothwell, Professor of Human Development, Oregon State University Just how tenuous is the financial situation of America’s poorest households? Oregon State University research says the majority of low-to-moderate-income Americans don’t have enough cash to last three months. That’s certainly worrisome as the pandemic closures stretch on. Apple Seed (52:48) Guest: Sam Payne, Host, BYUradio's Apple Seed Sci-fi Laser Weapons Are Closer than You Think (1:03:24) Guest: Nicholas Morley, Senior Scientist for High Power Photonics, Air Force Research Laboratory Ray guns are a staple of science fiction. Turning lasers into weapons has proven much harder in real life. The Air Force is close, though. Why Is "The Office" Still So Popular? (1:21:03) Guest: Brian Baumgartner, Actor, "The Office", Podcaster, "An Oral History of The Office" Fifteen years ago, The Office premiered on American TV and it was not a hit. But it somehow got picked up for a second season and became a huge phenomenon, changing television comedy, making its unknown stars famous. Today, The Office is arguably even more successful than during its nine seasons on the air. It’s a runaway hit on Netflix. Teens and tweens are crazy for it. What is going on?