Utah Gender Wage Gap

Utah Gender Wage Gap

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Gender Wage Gap, Helen Foster Snow, Mariachi Math, Quichua

Episode: Gender Wage Gap, Helen Foster Snow, Mariachi Math, Quichua

  • Jan 27, 2016
  • 26:41 mins

Guest: Susan Madsen, PhD, Utah Valley University’s Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics  Here in the US, women hold half the jobs, but make just 78 cents for every dollar a man earns on average. It’d be easy to assume the problem is primarily among uneducated and part-time workers. But college data released by the US Department of Education last year found that’s not the case. There’s a large wage gap even between male and female graduates of elite universities. Ten years after starting college, men who graduate from MIT, Harvard and Stanford are earning at least 50 percent more than women who graduated from the same schools.  Colleges with religious affiliation also tend to have large wage gaps between male and female graduates. And Brigham Young University has the highest of all the data compiled by the US Department of Education—10 years after enrolling at BYU, male graduates earn one and a half times more than female grads. Several other universities in Utah top the wage gap list for graduates.