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Wild West Wildlife, Finding Files, Beating the Slump, Emotions and Wealth, CASA's, Invasive Pest Awareness

The Lisa Show
  • Apr 28, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:41:16

Wild West Wildlife (0:00:00) We as humans love our animals –why else would we be ok with looking at cute cat pictures for hours? If our pets get hurt, we take them to the vet as soon as we can. But what about the millions of wild animals around us that get hurt all the time, but don’t have anyone to give them the medical attention they need? This is what inspired the creation of Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center , a non-profit organization in Texas dedicated to rehabilitating injured wild animals and return them to the wild. Joining us on the show today is their founder Stephanie Oravetz, here with us to discuss her work at the center and how we can help wild animals, too. Finding Files Faster (0:17:12) When you lose an important file, the resulting level of stress can be so high that your palms sweat, and your heart threatens to beat out of your chest until you find that file. It’s a terrifying experience. So, we want to help you avoid ever having to go through that again. While entire businesses exist to help people retrieve lost files, there are a few things we can do on our own to organize and clean our computers so we don’t lose what we’ve saved. We invited Burton Kelso onto the show to talk us through spring cleaning our screens. Burton is a Tech Expert with Integral Technologies. Beating the Afternoon Slump (0:35:18) This scenario probably sounds familiar: You’re sitting inside with the sun shining from the highest point in the sky, your lunch slowly digesting in your stomach. And a stack of undone tasks taunts you as you stare at it with absolutely no motivation. You’ve entered the Afternoon Slump with no hope of escape. It’s so hard to be productive in the afternoon instead of taking a nap. But we wanted to know if there’s a way to stay energetic and productive throughout the whole day. If anyone knows it’s friend of the show, Michelle McCullough. How Emotions Affect Your Wealth (0:50:39) In life, we’re often told to follow our gut, our intuition or our hearts when making decisions. But what about when it comes finances? Sometimes, I just feel like I should buy that brand new streaming service or that cute sweater I saw while online shopping at home (which happens a lot under quarantine). But our next guest says this might not be the best way to make financial decisions. With us on the show today is Martin Hurlburt. To watch his Tedx talk and get your free money personality, visit CASA’s (1:04:50) Who’s there for children when they don’t have any supportive family or friends? What happens to children that are abused, orphaned, or pushed into foster care? It’s already hard enough to be a child dealing with these circumstances, without worrying about the future. Well, that’s why we have CASA’s. CASA’s are Court Appointed Special Advocates whose goal is to help children and adolescents find safe and loving homes. They stand up for children who have no one else to turn to. Susan Buckalew is a CASA Coordinator in the Ogden, Utah area. She is here now to tell us all about this amazing program and how we can get involved! Invasive Pest and Disease Awareness Month (1:24:25) Taking care of plants is a challenge in and of itself, the last thing anyone needs is to have their hard work ruined by pests. April is “Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month” and the best time to spot invasive species on our plants, crops, and outdoor items. Knowing what to look for will protect our plants from harm and help prevent the spread of these unwanted guests. We are talking with Samantha Simon, Executive Director for Emergency and Domestic Programs from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She is going to share how we can help stop these invasive pests from destroying our plants.