The Value of Stories
  • Sep 5, 2013 6:00 pm
  • 57:25 mins

Stories included in this episode: Donald David Story 1: That's What Mamas Do Teller: Donald Davis Site: Notes: Donald shared this story about his family during a BYUtv production titled "Call of Story." Dovie Thomason Story 2: My Name is Dovie Teller: Dovie Thomason Site: Notes: Dovie offers contemporary narratives of Indigenous North America told with elegance, wit and passion. Bil Lepp Story 3: Something in the Water Teller: Bil Lepp Site: Notes: Bil is an award-winning author and recording artist. He's been featured at venues across the nation, including an appearance on TV's Comedy Central. Yvonne Healy Story 4: Healy Cross Teller: Yvonne Healy Site: Notes: Yvonne is ranked #1 in the USA for traditional Irish storytelling by the leading cultural authorities in the Republic of Ireland and Canada. Betty Ann Wylie Story 5: Generous People Teller: Betty Ann Wylie Notes: Betty Ann is well known for her unique ability to bring books and childhood stories to life through her dramatic gestures, singing, voice changes, and audience participation. Her home town is Americus, Georgia. Antonio Sacre Story 6: Leprechaun's Gold Teller: Antonio Sacre Site: Notes: Antonio is an internationally touring writer, storyteller, and solo performance artist based in Los Angeles.