Jambalaya Twenty-Nine
  • Oct 15, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 57:17 mins

Stories and songs included in this episode: Andy Orfutt Irwin Song 1: Upidstay, Umday, Ainbray (with Bil Lepp) Artist: Andy Offutt Irwin Site: andyirwin.com Notes: Andy and Bil perform a song that reminds us to use our brains. Slash Coleman Story 1: Perpetual Underdog Teller: Slash Coleman Site: www.slashcoleman.com Notes: A compelling story about a father and son, outlaws, top guns, and top dogs. Alan Hoal Story 2: Hot Diggity Saves the Day Teller: Alan Hoal Site: www.thehoalstory.com Notes: A good ol' fashioned Southern tale about a man and his dog. Bill Harley Story 3: Monster Valentine Teller: Bill Harley Site: www.billharley.com Notes: Bill captures what it's like to be a kid in this story about Valentine's Day and friendship. Dan Keding Story 4: The Boy Who Fell Between the Cracks Teller: Dan Keding Site: dankeding.com Notes: Eighth-graders learn a lesson from the boy they used to tease.