Fighting Cyber Attacks

Fighting Cyber Attacks

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Riots and History, National Parks, Sound of Music, CVTs

Episode: Riots and History, National Parks, Sound of Music, CVTs

  • May 4, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 14:36 mins

Guest: Matt Might, associate professor of computer science at the University of Utah and co-leader of a team working on a new Defense Department initiative called “Space/Time Analysis for Cybersecurity” Major hacks on US corporations seem to have become commonplace—whether it’s a store like Target or Home Depot, a bank like JP Morgan Chase, a major health insurer like Anthem or a movie studio like Sony Pictures. All fell victim to hackers in the last year, who gained access to customer data, sensitive internal discussions and financial information. Corporations and the US government are now concerned about what happens when we’ve plugged the obvious holes that hackers are using now. They’re not going to give up; they’re just going to get more sophisticated. So, the Department of Defense has launched a four-year initiative to prepare for that next generation of cyberattack.