Jambalaya Twenty-Five
  • Sep 17, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 55:17 mins

Our show producer, Andy Bay, and assistant producer, Sam Bennion, join Sam Payne in today's Jambalaya episode. Stories included in this episode: Bil Lepp Story 1: The Ojai Mountain Lion Teller: Bil Lepp Site: leppstorytelling.com Notes: Hiking in the hills of California. Madeline Pots Story 2: The Neponsit Caper Teller: Madeline Pots Site: www.madelinelpots.com Notes: A childhood memory about a family encounter with some nighttime visitors. Bob Reiser Story 2: The Horrible Shoes of Abu Kasseim Teller: Bob Reiser Site: www.bobtales.com Notes: A story about a stingy man. Heather Forest Story 2: The Squire's Bride Teller: Heather Forest Site: www.heatherforest.com Notes: Money can't buy you love.