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Girl Be Brave, Holiday Baking, Negotiating Salary, Parenting and Diversity, Halloween Makeup, Interior Design Trends, Binge-Watching Snacks

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 16, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 1:41:10

Girl Be Brave (0:00:00) There are just some days we could all use a little pick me up. It’s those days—the really difficult ones—that we have to remind ourselves to “be brave.” One woman has decided to make this exact phrase her mantra and not only has founded an online movement and brand around it, but recently has come out with a book as well. Here to tell us more about the Girl Be Brave community and book is Cheryl Hale a writer, blogger, and business owner. Holiday Baking (0:14:13) Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin donuts. These are the harbingers of fall, and right now they are everywhere. Fall time is a great time to try out some new recipes! Chef Todd Leonard, the 2018 American Culinary Federation National Chef of the Year, joins us today to give us his best tips for spicing up your fall desserts and meals. Negotiating Salary (0:34:14) You’ve been working hard at your job, maybe you’ve even been working there for a while and so you feel it’s time for araise... but how do you even begin that conversation with your boss? It takes guts, vulnerability, and maybe some skills we don’t know about to beef up that paycheck, so we’ve invited Josh Doody, a salary negotiation coach and leading expert in job interview strategy, to teach us how to understand our value and get paid for our worth. Diverse Parenting (0:50:38) We love to talk about parenting on our show, because we love parents! The work they do is difficult and complicated and not always appreciated as it should be. And while we are always tryingto speak to the largest audience we can—we know it’s impossible to speak to everyone. The parenting experience is different for everyone, because every child and family situation is different. Here to talk to us about her own unique perspective on parenting is Dr. Bethany Cook, clinical psychologist specializing in children and families and author of "For What It’s Worth: A Perspective on How to Thrive and Survive Parenting Ages 0-2." Halloween Makeup (1:05:18) You have a huge costume planned for Halloween, everything’s in place, but there’s one key element you might need to know more about –your makeup. How do you do it right? What are the Halloween makeup trends this year? Where can you find the best Halloween makeup products? Carla Winter is an artist and founder of PartiArt, an entertainment company that helps people celebrate with fun and joy. She has some great ideas for Halloween makeup this year. Interior Design Trends (1:20:08) From the 50s mid-century modern to the 80s pastels, interior design changes with the decades. Increasingly, people are turning to social media to get inspiration from new styles and how to incorporate them in their own homes. As we approach a new decade, we can be prepared to add fresh new styles to our homes! Here to tell us about the up and coming home design trends is Andrew Graham, home décor expert and CEO of Graham & Brown. Binge-Watching Snacks (1:29:37) Odds are, if you’re watching tv, you’re craving something to munch on. Well todaywe’re Talkin’ ‘Bout Snacks with Josh and Amy, and we’re bringing youideas for the best things to snack on while binge-watching your favorite shows. Josh Bingham is our sweet expert, who would eat dessert for every meal of the day if he could. And Amy Biedel is our savory expert, who believes that dill pickles are the only true pickles.