Radioactive Islands, Walkable City, Synesthesia, Prosopagnosia, Voices from War

Constant Wonder - Radio Archive, Episode 230

  • Aug 13, 2019 8:00 pm
  • 1:41:16 mins

Forget Fukushima, The Marshall Islands May Claim Title of World’s Most “Radioactive” Location Guest: Ivana Nikolic Hughes, Senior Lecturer, Chemisty, and Director, K=1 Project, Center for Nuclear Studies, Columbia University The story of how the Marshall Island chain got to be radioactive, affecting generations of residents there.  Fixing Urban Sprawl Guest: Jeff Speck, city planner and author, "Walkable City" and its new sequel, "Walkable City Rules" Walkable cities lead not only reduce traffic and carbon emissions, they also improve health and prosperity. 101 ways to make your city more walkable. Seeing Music in Color (originally aired May 21, 2019) Guest: Annie Dickinson, musician, composer, singer Synesthesia is a neurological condition where people can literally hear colors and see sounds, and it affects approximately four percent of the population. Annie Dickinson is a recently graduated high-school student who has been able to use her synesthesia to compose and perform music in the most unusual way. Tune in for her experience as a synesthete. Face Blindness Guest: Brad Duchaine, Professor and Chair, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College Also known as “face blindness,” prosopagnosia is a neurological condition that makes it difficult to recognize faces. Most people forget faces they have seen in passing, but prosopagnosics are different. They often can’t recognize close friends, family members, or even themselves. We dive into the symptoms, history, and social effects of this strange condition.  Voices From War: Your Story Guest: Jeremy Warneke, co-instructor, "Voices From War," "Craft of War Writing"; Siobhan Adcock, author, "The Completionist," co-instructor, "Voices From War"  "Voices From War" is a free New York City-based writing workshop to encourage veterans and their family members to tell their stories. Their message of healing and hope is for vets everywhere.