An Immigrant’s Story of Searching for Home, Strange and Unusual Jobs

An Immigrant’s Story of Searching for Home, Strange and Unusual Jobs

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

  • Sep 28, 2018 9:00 pm
  • 1:43:18 mins
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An Immigrant’s Story of Searching for Home Guest: Reyna Grande, Author of A Dream Called Home, The Distance Between Us, Across A Hundred Mountains El Otro Lado. “The Other side.” That’s what people in Reyna Grande’s Mexican hometown call the United States. Grande’s father left for the US to find work when she was two. And then her mother followed him across the border. When Reyna Grande was 9, her dad returned to Mexico for a visit and she begged him to carry her on his back across the border. It took three tries before they made it safely. Five Strange, Unusual, and Overlooked Jobs There are a lot of weird jobs out there. Well, we tracked down five people with some pretty strange professions to find out what exactly they do and why they do it. Some are funny and entertaining, while others are surprisingly vital to our lives and economy. Guests: Professional Bridesmaid: Jen Glantz, CEO, Bridesmaid for Hire Iceberg Hunter: Kristen Serumgard, Commanding Officer, International Ice Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard Professional Line Sitter: Robert Samuel, CEO, Same Ole Line Dudes Medical Illustrator: Shizuka Aoki, Founder, Anatomize Studios Professional Mermaid: Chelsea Snow, Shellsea the Mermaid, Co-Founder of Springville Mermaid School

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