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Physics and Dance, Custom Homes, History of Ether, The Sacred and Mundane

Constant Wonder
  • Apr 10, 2019 8:00 pm
  • 1:40:57

Dancing with Physics Guests: Emily Coates, Associate Professor and creator of Dance Studies curriculum, Yale University; Sara Demers, Horace D. Taft Associate Professor of Physics, Yale University When a noted physicist collaborates with a choregrapher and dancer, we get a whole new perspective on both friction, gravity, torque and momentum. Custom Homes Guest: Brian Capt, Associate Teaching Professor, School of Technology, Brigham Young University Ever wondered if you should buy that dream home? Is it really as perfect as it seems? If it's not, would you be able to tell? We’ll be discussing custom homes, how to detect defaults, and looking for what makes a home great. The Bitter Fight over the First General Anesthesia Guest: Roger Thomas, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, University of Georgia In 1842 a young doctor who had gotten high off ether, just for kicks, decided to use it on a surgery patient, which became the first case of generalized anesthesia. But the credit for his discovery went to someone else. Giving credit where it's due.  Finding the Sacred in the Mundane: Lessons from the Painter Pieter Bruegal the Elder Guest: Reverend Dr. Andrew Teal, Chaplain and Fellow at Pembroke College and Lecturer in Theology and Religion within Oxford University. We're used to seeing the Holy Family featured prominently in sacred art. So when Pieter Bruegal the Elder crammed his paintings with ordinary people and took the spotlight off traditional subjects, what was he telling us about the relationship of ordinary people with the divine?