Pourquoi Stories

Pourquoi Stories

The Apple Seed

  • Jul 11, 2017 6:00 am
  • 56:44 mins
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“Pourquoi” stories - which is just the fancy French way of saying “why” - is a category of stories that offers explanations, origin stories, and general responses to the marvelous question “why?”. Of all the ways to start a question, “why” seems to be the best starting point for an answer in story form and in this episode we hope you’ll enjoy the narrative responses to what may be considered some of life’s fundamental - or simply fun - questions. Stories included in this episode: Why The Sky Is So Far Away by Jenni Cargill Strong (1:55) The sky used to be very close to the world, so close that you could touch it and tear off a chunk from it for dinner, but when humanity began to take advantage of that easy meal the sky makes some tough decisions. Learn more about Jenni Cargill Strong and her organization, The Storytree Company, by visiting: www.storytree.com.au Wolf and Turtle by Kirk Waller (8:55) This story is a response to Kirk Waller’s own son asking why the turtle has a cracked shell and it involves some persimmons, a possum, and a wolf. Learn more about Kirk Waller and his album “But Why? Stories, Music and Songs”, which recieved a Parent's Choice Foundation Gold Award, by visiting: www.kirkwaller.com Why the Sun Comes Up When Rooster Crows by Martha Hamilton & Mitch Weiss (20:08) There used to be too many suns in the sky so the best archer in the world shot most of them down. This scared the sun that was left so the people of earth had to figure out how to bring it out. Learn more about Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss and their pourquoi tales album, "How & Why: World Tales Kids Can Tell", by visiting: beautyandthebeaststorytellers.com Why Dogs Chase Cats by Charlotte Blake Alston (24:47) The Dog and Cat used to be best friends but something happens between them involving cheese that spoils their relationship. Learn more about Charlotte Blake Alston who is an accomplished musician of traditional instruments as well as a librettist, by visiting: www.charlotteblakealston.com Why Do We Fish? by Doug Elliott (35:34) A more serious story compared to the others. It’s a reflection on how fishing is more than a sport or a practical means of feeding yourself, it’s really a search for hope. This story also includes a poem by W.B. Yeats. Learn more about Doug Elliott, a naturalist, herbalist, and basketmaker, by visiting: dougelliott.com Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears by Bobby Norfolk (41:10) A mosquito starts buzzing around one animal’s ear which sparks a chain reaction that throws off the whole animal kingdom, even stopping the sun from properly rising. The resolution, or lack thereof, informs us as to why and what mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears. Learn more about Bobby Norfolk, an Emmy Award Winning Speaker, by visiting: www.bobbynorfolk.com Why Tell? by Jeff Gere (53:01) Maybe the most important question of all: why tell stories? The answer may be different from person to person, but Jeff Gere provides a heartwarming - and musical - response. Learn more about Jeff Gere, who is also a mime and a puppeteer, by visiting: jeffgere.com

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