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Effects of Winning the Lottery, Sit Stand Desks, Getting Rid of Anxious Thoughts

The Lisa Show
  • Apr 1, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 1:41:04

Effects of Winning the Lottery (00:00) Have you ever wondered what happens to someone’s life after they win the lottery? David Cesarini, professor at NYU, shares what he has learned about lottery winners and how their lives are affected by that sudden influx of cash. Sit Stand Desks (14:52) Do sit-stand desks help you lose weight? April Chambers, professor at the University of Pittsburgh, helps us understand the true benefits of sit stand desks and whether they are worth the investment. Getting Rid of Anxious Thoughts (33:51) Dr. Scott Symington, author of the book Freedom From Anxious Thoughts and Feelings, teaches how to prevent and manage our anxiety. April Fool’s Day Pranks (50:35) Are you always falling for the most obvious April Fool’s day pranks? Ron Riggio of Claremont McKenna College talks about the most common April Fools pranks and the psychology behind why we fall for them. Beware of Bullying (1:06:21) When does a prank go too far and turn into harassment or abuse? Stephanie Roach helps us understand the difference between friendly pranks and bullying.