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2020 Pres Election, Art in Movies, The Tough Standard

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Jun 18, 2020 8:00 pm
  • 1:44:31

What’s President Trump Got to Run On? (0:34) Guest: Chris Karpowitz, PhD, Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, BYU; Grant Madsen, PhD, Professor of History, BYU The US Supreme Court ruled today that the Trump Administration cannot end DACA – the program that grants temporary status to undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. That makes twice this week alone that the Supreme Court’s conservative majority has failed to deliver wins to President Trump. What will that mean for his re-election prospects in November? NASA Names New Telescope After Dr. Nancy Grace Roman (21:58) Guest: Dominic Benford, Program Scientist for the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope Project, NASA NASA is preparing to send another high-powered telescope into space where it can peer deep into the universe without the distraction of light and gas from Earth’s atmosphere. You’ve probably heard of the Hubble telescope, which just celebrated 30 years up in orbit sending back some of the best images humans have ever seen of deep space. Well, this new telescope will be even more powerful and it has just been renamed in honor of the woman credited with making the Hubble telescope happen. Who Decides What Art Goes in a Movie? (38:14) Guest: Fanny Pereire, Fine Art Coordinator Let’s take the 2018 heist film Ocean’s 8. Sandra Bullock plays the lead. They’re going to rob a set of diamonds from the neck of an attendee at the famous Metropolitan Art Museum’s annual gala. In addition to diamonds, there is fine art all over the place in this movie. On the walls of the Met, of course. And also the lavish loft of the lead thief’s ex-boyfriend, who is a shady art dealer named Claude who ends up in the middle of the investigation. That scene wouldn’t have worked without Fanny Pereire. The Tough Standard of Masculinity (52:47) Guest: Ronald Levant, Co-Author of “The Tough Standard: The Hard Truths About Masculinity and Violence” To be a man, you’ve got to man up. Hide your emotion and rub some dirt in it. Show toughness and don’t do any sissy stuff. Psychologist Ronald Levant says American society has set an unrealistic – and frankly unhealthy – standard for men and boys. His new book explains where these ideas come from and how we can change them. You’re Probably Biased (1:33:52) Guest: Anthony Greenwald, Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington All of us – whether we’re aware or not – are biased to some degree. What we’re biased against or towards and how intense that bias is comes from the way we were raised, our culture, experiences, and plenty of other sources. Combatting that bias could lead to a more racially equitable society. In fact, some police departments and companies have undergone implicit bias reduction training… but there’s some doubt as to how well these trainings actually work.