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Right Way to Give Back, Too Much to Do, Best Cities to Visit in the State, Gratitude Journals, Why Singing Does a Body Good, Prepare Now for Thanksgiving

The Lisa Show
  • Nov 19, 2019
  • 01:41:08

Right Way to Give Back (0:00:00) The Salvation Army Santas are making their way to the front of grocery stores across the country. With all of the shopping going on, it’s important that we remember to give back. But what really makes giving back meaningful, is choosing a cause that you care about. We have Suzanne Coffman from Candid, an organization that connects people with the resources to serve and make a difference, here to teach us how we can find charities that we really care about, as well as share various ways to get involved.  Too Much to Do (0:16:29) Stress and lack of balance. They’re like monsters crouching just around the corner, waiting to pounce on us if we give them even the tiniest chance. It’s so hard not to fall into the trap of sacrificing important things (like sleep!) for more hours to be productive in other areas! What can we do to find balance? With us is Megan McNealy, a workplace well-being specialist and author of the new book Reinvent the Wheel, a look at how top leaders attain well-being and success simultaneously. Best Cities to Visit in the States (0:33:38) Do you ever get the travel bug, but you either don’t know where to go or you’re on a budget, or you only have a few days to get away? Well why not travel somewhere within the United States? I think we often take all of the cool places in our country for granted. Travel expert and creator of the award-winning travel blog, Bucket List Journey, Annette White joins us to share her favorite places to travel in the States, as well as give us insight on how to have an authentic experience wherever we go. Gratitude Journals (0:50:34) What are some things that you’re grateful for? With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the things that we’re grateful for are on our minds of course—but what can we do to keep this spirit of gratitude with us all year long? Well, one option is to keep a gratitude journal! Here to share tips on gratitude journaling with us is Jayne Swallow—founder of Promptly Journals. Why Singing Does a Body Good (1:05:57) Research from the University of Sussex shows that singing can raise self-esteem and improve health outcomes. That sounds fantastic, right? But how can that help those of us who barely have time to do our laundry? Tamara combined her love for singing with her love for cooking and developed “The Opera Chef” cooking tutorial series. We invited her on the show to talk about how we can incorporate singing into our own everyday routines to improve our own lives. Prepare Now for Thanksgiving (1:25:45) Thanksgiving Day can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming days of the year. You have to pull off successfully roasting a giant bird all while preparing 5 to 8 different sides and desserts while simultaneously entertaining friends and family. What we often forget to consider is that we can actually prepare a lot of the dishes ahead of time! Lena Abraham is the food editor for Delish. She’s going to tell us what we can do now to prepare for our Thanksgiving feast so that we can have a truly enjoyable holiday. Show More...

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