If You Thought Art Museums Were Boring . . .

If You Thought Art Museums Were Boring . . .

Constant Wonder

The Way of Bach

Episode: The Way of Bach

  • Jan 20, 2021 7:00 pm
  • 20:41 mins

Forget linear perspective and chiaroscuro, let's get the stories behind the masterpieces: maybe Van Gogh was murdered and didn't commit suicide after all; the woman who pushed Norman Rockwell in a more political direction; the secret CIA funding that was poured into abstract expressionism. Art has never been so engaging before. Take a listen and you'll get a whole new look on the art world. Guest: Jennifer Dasal, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the North Carolina Museum of Art; creator and host of the podcast ArtCurious; author of “ArtCurious: Stories of the Unexpected, Slightly Odd, and Strangely Wonderful in Art History”