Ep. 117 Matt Wickman on Divine Silence

In Good Faith - Season 6, Episode 24

  • Jul 24, 2022 6:00 am
  • 39:32 mins

Dr. Matthew Wickman talks about what he calls Divine Silence, and how we can still have a relationship with a God who seems--on the face of things at least--not to speak to us directly. In Good Faith is the place to hear stories and accounts from believers, told in their own words. Our hope is to listen with an open heart, celebrating the power of faith and belief, and what those stories mean to the ones who tell them. Host Steven Kapp Perry talks with believers from all walks of faith—Catholic and Episcopalian, Buddhist and Baptist, Jewish and Hindu, Presbyterian and Seventh Day Adventist, Muslim and Latter-day Saint—in other words, human beings and believers, sharing their personal experience with the sacred and the divine. Sundays on BYUradio—and be sure to subscribe to the podcast!