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Breonna Taylor, Ventilation & COVID-19, West Personality

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Sep 29, 2020 8:00 pm
  • 1:44:32

What Does Justice for Breonna Taylor Look Like? (0:31) Guest: Shawnte West, Adjunct Instructor of Social Work, University of Louisville Activists who spent months chanting the name Breonna Taylor in the streets of Louisville, Kentucky are angry and upset that a grand jury has declined to charge any of the police officers who shot Taylor in her apartment during a late-night drug raid in March. The raid was targeting an ex-boyfriend of Taylor who was not there. Why has this case been such a focus for the Black Lives Matter movement? Building Mountain Bikes for the Physically Impaired (19:35) Guest: Christian Bagg, Designer and Founder, Bowhead Corp A snowboarding accident left Christian Bagg paralyzed from the waist down when he was 20 years old. A quest to find ways he could still go outdoor adventuring led him to create a motorized mountain bike for people with physical impairments. Role of Ventilation in the Fight Against COVID-19 (36:35) Guest: Jeffrey Siegel, Professor of Civil and Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto The coronavirus has caused 200,000 deaths in America and cases are rising in communities around the country. What will happen when the cold weather hits and people start spending more time indoors? Let’s talk ventilation.  How Living in the Mountain West Changes Your Personality (52:48) Guest: Friedrich Götz, PhD Candidate in Psychology, University of Cambridge Where you live in the United States might mean more than just different sales tax and different weather. According to research from a group of international scientists, geography can also influence personality. If you live in a mountain area in the west, you’re more likely to have traits of the cowboys and mountain men of days gone by. Black Women in the US Are More Vulnerable to Police Violence (1:08:20) Guest: Michelle S. Jacobs, Professor of Law, Levin College of Law, University of Florida Kentucky’s Attorney General says he’ll release a recording of the grand jury proceeding that resulted in no charges for Louisville police officers who killed Breonna Taylor in her apartment during a late-night raid. Police were targeting a former boyfriend of Taylor’s, but he was not there that night. The grand jury did charge one former Louisville police officer for “wanton endangerment” because he fired bullets into a neighboring apartment. No one was charged with firing the bullets that killed Breonna Taylor. Grand jury proceedings are typically kept secret, but a judge has ordered them released in this case. What is the broader context of Breonna Taylor's death? Conservation Efforts Have Saved Up to 48 Animal Species Since 1993 (1:27:12) Guest: Friederike Bolam, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Modelling, Evidence and Policy Group, Newcastle University After a global convention in 1993, the world came together to try and save animals that were going extinct. And it’s working. A study that just came out shows that dozens of animal species have been saved since that convention.